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Featured article in Lausitz Magazin

At first sight the world novelty seems quite unimpressive: The Caleidoscan 100 presents itself as an approximately 50 centimetre large cuboid. But this one has what
it takes. It enables laboratories to carry out antibody diagnostics that are unique in the world and extremely precise. The development... read more.

Attosorb Technologie, DNS Extraktion aus Blut

Since the beginning of 2019 our new product Attosorb is available. Attosorb is an easy DNA extraction method, which can be automated. It works in a 96 PCR microplate and is perfectly matched to our attomol Realtime tests.

Innovative through research

Attomol has been awarded the seal "Innovative through Research" for 2020/2021 by the "Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft". Research is a constant component of our work, which enables the development of new, innovative products.