attomol Caleidopro 1.0

REF 1283
Field of application

Attomol® Caleidopro 1.0 is a software for the automatic digital processing of fluorescence pictures. It includes: the extraction of the measured values from the picture data, report generating and data transer into the respective LIMS.
Due to the modular structure of the software various hardware elements can be driven and a veriety of applications can be run.

  • evaluation of Beadassays, max. 18 parameters
  • measuring of fluorescences in fluids and on surfaces
  • counting of adhered bacteria on the microtest plates
  • counting of adhered bacteria on growing adherent cells
  • assembling of microscopic images

The applications can be adjusted to users' requirements via user modules (profiles).


Operating system
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • drive unit Caleidoscan 100
  • other motorised microscopes, cross tables and cameras on request