attomol Caleidoscan 100

REF 1282
Field of application

The attomol® Caleidoscan 100 (CS100) is an automated fluorescence imager with three measuring channels, which is used for imaging fluorescent microobjects, such as fluorescence and size-coded microparticles (beads) in attomol® bead assays.
The CS100 is driven by the attomol® Caleidopro control and analysis software (CP, not part of the product).
Compared to flow cytometric measurement methods, the CS100 is significantly faster. The evaluation of a complete 96-well microplate by CS100 only takes approx. 15 minutes, regardless of the degree of multiplexing.
The measuring system is characterized by a large linear measuring range and high precision.

  • Caleidoscan 100
  • Instructions for use
Short informations
1-96 samples per measurement
385mmx630mmx480mm (HxWxD); 42kg
  • attomol ANA-IgG Beadassay 1
  • attomol Anti-CCP-IgG Beadassay 1
  • attomol Anti-Rheuma-IgG Beadassay 1
  • attomol Anti-Borrelia-IgG Beadassay 1
  • attomol Anti-Borrelia-IgM Beadassay 1
  • attomol Anti-Yersinia-IgG Beadassay 1
  • attomol Anti-Yersinia-IgA Beadassay 1

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