attomol® Factor V HR2 6755A>G Quicktype

REF 1162

20 reactions

Intended purpose

The assay attomol® Factor V HR2 6755A>G Quicktype is used for the supportive diagnosis of thrombophilia. This test can be used to determine the transition 6755A>G (rs6027) in the human factor V gene. It is a manual, qualitative assay using an allel-specific PCR with integrated probe hybridisation. The evaluation takes place by agarose gel electrophoresis, which can be carried out manually or automatically. The sample material has to be genomic DNA prepared from EDTA or citrate blood.

Field of application

The polymorphism factor V Leiden is one of the most important risk factors for the hereditary thrombophilia. Further mutations have been described in the factor V gene, of which some were combined to the haplotype factor V R2 (HR2) [Pecheniuk et al., Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 2001, 12: 201-6]. Studies have shown that heterozygous individuals or HR2 have a very mild prothrombotic risk [Castaman et al., Haematologica 2003, 88:1182-89]. The prothrombotic risk becomes higher if patients are homozygous for HR2 [Aras et al., Thromb Haemost 2002, 87: 173-4] or in combination of HR2 with the Leiden mutation [Margaglione et al., Thromb Haemost 2002, 87: 32-6; Faioni et al., Haematologica 2004, 89: 195-200].The best known polymorphisms of the HR2 haplotype are 4070A>G (exon 13, prevalence 6.2 %) and 6755A>G (exon  25,  prevalence  5.6 %),  both  linked  to  about  88 %  [Pecheniuk et al., Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 2001, 12: 201-6].  HR2  6755A>G  has  been  characterised  as functionally relevant [Yamazaki et al., Blood 2002, 100: 2515-21] and can be determined with this test kit.

Kit content
  • PCR-H2O
  • PCR-buffer I
  • Primer Factor V HR2 6755A>G
  • instructions for use

You can find more informations about Quicktype-Technology here.

Short informations
DNA from blood
Thermal cycler
Gel or capillariy electrophoresis system
3-4 h
20 reactions

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