attomol Attosorb

  • Patented DNA extraction from EDTA or citrate blood
  • Compatible with attomol® TM 2 kits and attomol® LT kits
  • Manual processing

Developed and patented by Attomol, Attosorb is a system for DNA purification in which the DNA of the patient's blood sample binds directly to the cavities of a PCR microplate. In contrast to conventional DNA extraction systems, molecular genetic detection through PCR is performed in the same cavity afterwards. Therefore, it is an easy and fast procedure. Yet, it is designed to be used with our tests of the Attomol product line Realtime TM 2 and Realtime LT.

Test kits
Test principle
Attosorb Technology
Attomol Attosorb Technology Description

EDTA- or Citrate blood is pipetted into a PCR microplate and lysed afterwards. The DNA of the blood sample binds to the solid phase of the PCR microplate. Excess material is washed out. In order to standardize the reaction conditions for the following PCR, all remaining liquid of the washing solution is dried after the last washing step. After this, the PCR is performed in the same microplate.

Required devices
  • heating/ cooling system

The DNA is bound to the solid phase of the PCR microtest plate. Afterwards, the DNA amplification can be performed in the same microplate with attomol® TM 2 kits or attomol® LT kit.