attomol Quicktype

  • Gel based DNA detection
  • Established and robust method
  • Manual or automatic application

Our well-established Quicktype mutation assays facilitate fast and user-friendly detection of genetic polymorphisms in patients' samples. Our assays are used in routine diagnostics in the areas of thrombophilia, metabolism, immunogenetics and pharmacogenetics.

Test principle
Attomol Quicktype Technology
Attomol Quicktype Technology

In order to differentiate between genotypes, we use allele specific PCR with integrated probe hybridization in our Quicktype tests. The separation of amplification products follows directly after the PCR. There are no additional steps of incubation in classic agarose gel or in an automated way via capillary electrophoresis necessary.

  • Standard thermal cycler
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis or capillary electrophoresis system

The banding pattern allow direct conclusion about the genotype from patients' samples. Low-molecular and fast migrating PCR products represent the wild type allele whereas high-molecular and slow migrating PCR products correspond to the mutated allele.

Attomol QuickType Gelauswertung

Agarose gel evaluation

Attomol Quicktype Kapillarelektrophorese-Auswertung

Evaluation of capillary electrophoresis