attomol« Realtime TM

  • Real time PCR
  • Reliable TaqManTM based technology
  • Adapted and standard real time cyclers

For diagnostics of thrombophilia, metabolism and immunogenetics, we offer real time PCR assays based on TaqManTM technology for the detection of disease-related polymorphisms in the human genome. This is a fast and safe procedure which facilitates reliable genotyping of patients' samples on various devices.

Test principle
Attomol Realtime TM Technology
Attomol Realtime TM Technology
Attomol Realtime TM Technology
Attomol Realtime TM Technology

The items of this product line are based on the TaqManTM principle: the specific TaqManTM probe is hybridised on the wild type or the mutated allele degrades by 5′-nuclease activity of the polymerase within each amplification cycle. The released fluorescent dyes can be detected in the corresponding channel of a real time thermal cycler.


LightCycler« 480 (Roche)
Mx3005P, AriaMx (Agilent Technologies)
Rotor-Gene« Q (Qiagen)

CFX96TM (Biorad)
peqSTAR 96Q (VWR)
MIC (Bio Molecular Systems)


The test can can be comfortably evaluated by means of a scatter plotá (fig. C) or by allele specific comparing amplification curves (fig. A and B).

Amplifikationskurzve TaqMan Technologie
Amplifikationskurve TaqMan Technologie
Ergebnis TaqMan Streudiagramm