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Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy within the framework of the federal model project "Unternehmen Revier", we are working on the project "Product development and market-preparatory performance evaluation of beadassays for the immunodiagnostics of infectious diseases". The district of Spree-Neiße as the federal government's processing partner and the Wirtschaftsregion Lausitz GmbH as regional partner are at our side.


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As part of the growth core Praemed.Bio, we are funded by the BMBF in the collaborative project „Praemed.Bio-Testsysteme, Development of reaction environments for test systems for the characterization of head-neck and rectal carcinomas”.
(Funding Code: 03WKDB2A).

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As part of the BMWi-funded ZIM project "Development and validation of reagent systems for a rheumatism beadassay" in cooperation with BTU Cottbus Senftenberg and TU Dresden, we are working on the subproject with the funding code ZF4424701AJ7.