attomol® Realtime LT

■ realtime PCR
■ suitable for LightCycler®
■ patented LoopTag probe system

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We are offering our self developed Realtime PCR probe system LoopTag (LT) for the detection of polymorphisms in the human genome. Our tests apply to the diagnostical areas: immunogenetics, infectiology, methabolism, and thrombophilia. This fast and secure tests allow a reliable genotyping of patient´s samples. The products of the Realtime LT-technology are designed for the use of LightCycler® devices.

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Test kits
Principle of operation

The LoopTag probe system is a real-time PCR technology for the detection of desease-related polymorphisms in the human genome and pathogen specific DNA in patient´s samples. The LoopTag probe hybridises to the elongated primer forming a primer-probe loop. The formation of a loop enables FRET between the fluorescence donor (D) and the fluorescence acceptor (A) as shown in figure. Consequently, the fluorescence emission rises proportionally to the number of amplified gene fragments in the sample. After PCR is carried out melting curve analysis reveals melting peaks at different temperatures indicating wild type and mutated template sequences.


LightCycler® 1.x, 2.0
LightCycler® 480


For mutation assays: After the amplification is completed a unique genotyping of patient´s samples is carried out through melting curve analisis.

For pathogen detection: After the amplification is completed verification is done by analisis of the amplification curve and a pathogen differentiation can be carried out by a melting curve analisis if necessary.