attomol® ANA-IgG Beadassay 1

REF 1111

96 determinations

Intended purpose

The ANA-IgG Beadassay 1 is a manual or automated beadassay for the semiquantitative determination of IgG autoantibodies against 8 extractable nuclear antigens (ENAs) and dsDNA in human serum. It is designed as a confirmatory test in ANA stepwise diagnostics.

Parameter beads:

■ dsDNA
■ Jo-1
■ RNP/Sm
■ Ro52/SS-A
■ Ro60/SS-A
■ Scl-70
■ Sm
■ SS-B


Field of application

Systematic inflammatory rheumatic disease (systematic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren syndorme, dermatomyositis, mixed connective tissue disease) are characterised by the production of multiple autoantibodies, which are directed against cytoplasmic and/or nuclear antigenes. Because specific autoantibodies are associated to certain diseases the clinical relevance of autoimmune diagnostics continuously improved in the last years. Today, the detection of autoantibodies is an inherent part for the diagnosis of systematic inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Even though, the significance as well as the pathogenetic importance of single antibodies is still not completely understood.


Kit content
  • ANA mikrotest plate
  • Sample buffer
  • Anti-IgG Red
  • Measuring buffer
  • instructions for use

You can find more informations about the Beadassay-Technology here.

Short informations
human serum
attomol® Calaidoscan 100
attomol® Calaidopro 1.0 (Software)
3,5 h
96 reactions

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