attomol Anti-Borrelia-IgM Beadassay 1

REF 1174

96 reactions

Intended purpose

Test for the parallel, semiquantitative determination of IgM-antibodies against  Borrelia burgdorferi antigens in human serum.

  • BmpA
  • DbpA
  • GlpQ
  • NapA
  • OspA
  • OspC
  • p100
  • p28
  • p30
  • p45
  • p58
  • VlsE
Field of application

The symptoms of Lyme disease (borreliosis), a systemic infection disease which often is transmitted through wood-ticks, are various, relatively nonspecific, and dependent on the particular state of pathogen formation in the human organism. Furthermore, the course of Lyme disease not necessarily proceeds from one stages to the next. Consequently, in most cases it will be very difficult to conclude a reliable diagnosis only depending upon clinical criteria. However, an early and secured detection allows for an relatively effective antibiotic therapy. This is because specific laboratory analysis at an early stage of diagnosis becomes more and more important for suspected Lyme disease. Serological tests thereby use antigens which are highly purified, natural, and especially recombinant. In addition to the detection of specific IgG-antigens the sensitive detection of specific IgM-antibodies gains more importance for verifying a clinical diagnosis of Lyme disease. Thereby a more enclosed spectrum of pathogen antigens is considered, which ensure a relatively secure conclusion towards a borreliosis infection.

Kit content
  • Borrelia mikrotest plate
  • Sample buffer
  • Anti-IgM Red
  • Measuring buffer
  • Instructions for use

You can find more informations about the Beadassay-Technology here.

Short informations
Human serum
attomol Calaidoscan 100
attomol Calaidopro 1.0 (Software)
3,5 h
96 reactions

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