attomol Anti-Borrelia-IgM Beadassay 1

REF 1174

96 reactions

Intended purpose

The Anti-Borrelia-IgM Beadassay 1 is a manual multiplex beadassay for the semi-quantitative determination of IgM antibodies against the following 12 bacterial antigens in human serum, which may be used in the diagnosis of Lyme disease:

  • BmpA
  • DbpA
  • GlpQ
  • NapA
  • OspA
  • OspC
  • p100
  • p28
  • p30
  • p45
  • p58
  • VlsE

This test kit is for research use only.

Field of application

The earlier classification of the course of the disease into a first stage (stage I) with the main symptom erythema migrans, a second stage (stage II) with early organ manifestations after dissemination of the pathogens and a third stage (stage III) with late manifestations of Lyme borreliosis (LB) is outdated, as the clinical signs of the different stages overlap. Today, the classification into early and late manifestations of LB is preferred. The early stage corresponds to stages I/II and the late stage to stage III. The term "chronic Lyme borreliosis" corresponds to stage III.

Key features of Lyme borreliosis
Lyme borreliosis occurs throughout Europe. You can become infected mainly in nature, in your garden or through contact with domestic and wild animals. As Lyme borreliosis can affect many organs (so-called multi-organ disease), there are extensive differential diagnoses for the often numerous manifestations of the disease. Essential characteristics of LB:

  • Erythema migrans (EM) (not obligatory)
  • Lymphocytoma, acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans
  • Flu-like illness in the early stages even without EM as a sign of dissemination of the pathogens
  • This is followed by (mostly acute) manifestations in various organ and tissue systems with a variety of symptoms.
  • The late manifestations are characterized by chronic exhaustion and rapid fatigability, a relapsing course of the disease with a strong feeling of illness and symptoms that jump from place to place. In addition, there can be many different symptoms of the respective organ manifestations.
Kit content
  • Borrelia mikrotest plate
  • Sample buffer
  • Anti-IgM Red
  • Measuring buffer
  • Instructions for use

You can find more informations about the Beadassay-Technology here.

Short informations
Human serum
attomol Calaidoscan 100
attomol Calaidopro 1.0 (Software)
3,5 h
96 reactions

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