attomol® Anti-Ganglioside-IgG/M Lineassay 6

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Intended purpose

The attomol® Anti-Ganglioside-IgG/M Lineassay 6 is a manual strip test for the qualitative determination of IgG or IgM antibodies against the following 11 gangliosides in human serum, which can be used for the differential diagnosis of autoimmune neuropathies:

  • GM1
  • GM2
  • GM3
  • GM4
  • GD1a
  • GD1b
  • GD2
  • GD3
  • GT1a
  • GT1b
  • GQ1b
Field of application

Inflammatory neuropathies of the peripheral nervous system are characterised by numerous clinical symptoms, which can range from easy fatigue and uncharacteristic discomfort to neuro-muscular disorders and loss of function such as respiratory paralysis and cardiac arrest. In diseases of the peripheral nervous system, autoantibodies against gangliosides have recently been increasingly identified [Willison HJ, Yuki N, 2002, Brain, 125, 2591-2625]. Gangliosides are acidic glycolipids consisting of a lipid (ceramide), an oligosaccharide chain and sialic acid. Gangliosides are components of plasma membranes, particularly frequently found on the surface of cells of the central and peripheral nervous system. Ganglioside-like structures also occur on the surface of microorganisms. Inflammatory neuropathies often occur as a result of infection with Campylobacter jejuni, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, Mycoplasma pneumoniae or Haemophilus influenzae [Khalili-Shirazi A. et al., 1999, J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 66, 376-9; Schwerer B. et al., 1999,  Infect Immun, 67, 2414-201; Alaniz ME, 2004,  Infect Immun, 72, 2148-51]. Antibodies against ganglioside structures of the pathogens can cross-react with gangliosides of myelin sheath or nerve fibres and cause inflammation with subsequent demyelination.


Kit content
  • Test strips
  • Buffer 1x
  • IgG-Conjugate 21x
  • IgM-Conjugate 21x
  • Substrate
  • Incubation tray
  • Interpretation template
  • Archive template
  • Instructions for use

You can find more informations about the Lineassay-Technology here.

Short informations
Human serum
seesaw shaker (40 U/min)
2 h
20 strips

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