attomol Anti-Yersinia-IgA Beadassay 1

REF 1193

96 reactions

Intended purpose

The Anti-Borrelia-IgA Beadassay 1 is a manual multiplex beadassay for the semi-quantitative determination of IgA antibodies against the following 6 bacterial antigens in human serum, which may be used in the diagnosis of Yersiniosis:

■ YopB
■ YopD
■ YopE
■ YopH
■ YopM
■ YopN

This test kit is for research use only.

Field of application

An infection with Yersinia enterocolitica may manifest in different ways either intestinal or extraintestinal. The selective laboratory detection of specific antibodies which are directed against secretory components of human pathogenic Yersinia strains is indicated especially for clinical suspicion upon post infectious, immune pathologic Yersiniosis complications like reactive arthritis, Erythema nodosum or Morbus Reiter. Because Yersinia specific antibodies of class IgG often also appear in serum of healthy patients the secure detection of Y. enterocolitica specific IgA antibodies is important in order to validate a supposed clinical Yersiniosis or to ensure another rheumatic complaints. These allow, in contrast to IgG antibodies, a relatively secure detection of an acute Yersinia infection.

Kit content
  • Yersinia mikrotest plate
  • Sample buffer
  • Anti-IgA Red
  • Measuring buffer
  • Instructions for use

You can find more informations about the Beadassay-Technology here.

Short informations
Human serum
attomol Calaidoscan 100
attomol Calaidopro 1.0 (Software)
3,5 h
96 reactions

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