attomol® HLA-B*27

REF 1030

40 reactions

Intended purpose

The assay attomol® HLA-B*27 is used to determine the HLA-B*27-locus on the chromosome 6 in the human genome. It is used for supportive diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis. It is a manual, qualitative assay using an HLA-B*27-specific PCR with simultaneous amplification of a reference gene. The evaluation takes place by agarose gel electrophoresis, which can be carried out manually or automatically. The sample material has to be genomic DNA prepared from EDTA or citrate blood. 

Do not use for tissue typing! For in vitro diagnostic use only!

Field of application

The human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are glycoproteins of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), whichare expressed on nearly all nucleated cells. These antigens are responsible for the immunological individuality of humans (differentation between endogenic, i.e. “internally generated” and exogenic, i.e. foreign). The HLA-B antigens belong together with HLA-A und HLA-C to the MHC I molecules and their genes are located on the short arm of chromosome 6 [Thomas, 2000, Labor and Diagnose, 5. erweiterte Auflage, TH-Books Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, P. 878-888]. There exist different forms of HLA-B antigens, the so-called determinants (e.g. HLA-B*7, -B*8, -B*15). One of these  determinants  -  HLA-B*27  -  was  found  in  1973  to  be  closely  related  to  certain  rheumatic  diseases, especially  to  Spondylitis  ancylosans  (SPA,  Morbus  Bechterew)  [Brewerton et al., 1973, Lancet 1:904-907].  Carriers  of  HLA-B*27  bear  an  87-fold increase in the risk to suffer from SPA as carriers of other determinants. The disease manifests very often between the 15th and 30th year of life and in 90 % of all cases is found in men. HLA-B*27 occurs in about 7 % of the Western Europe population. Patients with SPA carry HLA-B*27 in 80-90 % of all cases [Isselbacher et al., 1995, Harrisons Innere Medizin 1, 13. Auflage, Blackwell-Wissenschaftsverlag, S. 453-460]. However, the pathogenesis is not completely understood [Taurog, J Rheumatol 2010, 37(12):2606-16]. Until now, HLA-B*27 was detected serologically. Recently, this method is increasingly replaced by molecular biological techniques, because molecular tests work without living cells and are cheaper and easier to perform.

Kit content
  • PCR-H2O
  • PCR-buffer III
  • primer HLA-B*27
  • instructions for use

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Short informations
DNA from blood
Thermal cycler
Gel or capillariy electrophoresis system
3-4 h
40 reactions

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